We make investments in this direction by adopting environmentally friendly approaches.
We closely follow all the innovations of technology in order to keep the carbon footprint in nature to a minimum. A clean future, happy tomorrow and zero waste goal!
Cooperation preferred for employees, based on honesty and trust
We are on the way to become an institution that is committed to society and family values, with the awareness that our most important resource is our employees!
By investing in new technologies, we keep the current workflow at maximum quality.
We follow our business processes at the highest level by digitalizing without sacrificing quality. We are focused on domestic manufacturing and contribute to the economy of the country to a great extent!
We continue to work for the highest standarts with our knowledge and experience of more than 35 years, and we still feel the same enthusiasm of our first day.

BÖKE Engineering and Machinery was established in 1986. Since establishment, we have manufactures machines, molds, dies, fixtures and we have produced parts as a sub contractor of various industry leader companies. In order to catch up with the developing Technologies and keep up with customer demands, we continuously develop our equipments for machining and quality control with new investments.

Nowadays, BÖKE is located in 4000 m^2 closed area and we have many talented employees, many new generation multi-axis machines like mill-turns, 5 axis machining centers and so on. With all the values we have, we are working hard to achieve excellence in design, production, quality control and assembly.

We are highly experienced in machining aluminum, alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium, copper, magnesium , inconel etc.

Additionally, we design and produce special gauges, tools, molds, dies, fixtures according to customer needs. Also we carry out reverse engineering activities.